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Skittles & M&Ms

Buy American Skittles and M&Ms online including peanut butter M&Ms, pretzel M&Ms, sour Skittles, Skittles Darkside and more!

Skittles & M&Ms
Mint M&Ms 42.5g

Mint M&Ms contain dark chocolate covered in a crunchy mint flavoured candy shell. ..


Peanut Butter M&Ms 144g

Peanut Butter M&Ms containing a soft peanut butter filling coverered in a crunchy candy shell. ..


Peanut Butter M&Ms 46.2g

Peanut Butter M&Ms contain creamy peanut butter in a crunchy candy shell. ..


Pretzel M&Ms 32.3g

Pretzel M&Ms containing crunchy salted pretzel pieces coated in candy.Best Before August 2017. ..

€1.00 €2.00

Skittles Sweet & Sour 56.7g

Skittles Sweet & Sour featuring a challenging mix of sweet and sour chewy candies. ..


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