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Buy lollipops at, Ireland's largest online sweet shop. Buy lollipops in our lollipop department including heart shaped lollipops and lollipops for parties and favours.

Bubblegum Drumstick Lolly: 36-Piece Box

Bubblegum Drumstick Lolly is a brand new bubblegum flavour of the classic, chewy Drum..


Fizzy Cola Pops: 200-Piece Tub

Fizzy Cola Pops containing classic fizzy cola lollipops in a bulk tub ideal for parties, g..


Multi Vit Lolly: 150-Piece Tub

Multi Vit Lollipops containing 150 fruit flavoured flat lollies per tub. Ideal for treating. ..


Multi Vit Pops: 200-Piece Tub

Multi Vitamin Lollies - consists of a large bulk tub filled with an assortment of fruit flavour..


Orchard Pops: 200-Pieces

Orchard Pops consisting of a bulk tub filled with hard boiled lollipops, each flavoured with a ..


Peppermint Candy Canes: 12 Pack

Peppermint Candy Canes gift box containing 12 individually wrapped strawberry flavoured canes -..


Strawberry Candy Canes: 12 Pack

Strawberry Candy Canes gift box containing 12 individually wrapped strawberry flavoured canes -..


Fizzy Cola Lollies: 120-Piece Box Fizzy Cola Lollies: 120-Piece Box

Barratt's Fizzy Kola Lollies containing 120 fizzy cola lollipops in a bulk size box ideal for candy ..


Drumstick Lollipop: 60-Piece Box Drumstick Lollipop: 60-Piece Box

Chunky Drumstick Lollipops contain the double flavour of raspberry and milk on a stick! Each box ..


Drumstick Lollipop: 3kg Bag

Milk and raspberry flavoured chewy Drumstick Lollipops in a bulk bag perfect for parties and ev..


Double Lollies: 120-Piece Tub

Classic Double Lollies by Swizzels Matlow containing chalky lollipops in an assortment of flavours. ..


Fruity Pops: 120-Piece Tub

Swizzels Matlow Fruity Pops containing fruit flavoured hard boiled lollipops in a party sized tub. A..


Fruity Pops: 3kg Bag

Fruity Pops consisting of a bulk variety pack of fruit flavoured lollies, perfect for events. ..


Chupa Chups Best Of Cola, Milky & Fruit: 100-Piece Tub

Experience the best flavours of Chupa Chups. Flavours are apple, strawberry, cola, strawberry and cr..


Chupa Chups Fruit Lollipops: 100-Piece Tub

Chupa Chups Fruit Lollipops containing juicy fruit flavoured lollipops. Flavours are apple, strawber..


Dobson's Cola Mega Lollipops: 90-Piece Tub

Bulk tub of Dobson's Cola Mega Lollies containing traditional cola flavoured lollipops. Each tub ..


Dobson's Traffic Light Mega Lollies: 90-Piece Tub

Dobson's Traffic Light Mega Lollies containing 90 bright red, fruit flavoured lollipops. A classic k..


Dobson's Tropical Fruit Mega Lollies: 90-Piece Tub

Dobson's Tropical Fruit Mega Lollies containing 90 long-lasting, assorted fruit flavour lollipops. ..


Dobson's Bublegum Mega Lollies: 90-Piece Tub

Dobson's Bubblegum Mega Lollies containing traditional, bubblegum flavoured lollipops. Each tub c..


Big Baby Pop Assorted: 12-Piece Box

Unleash your inner baby with Big Baby Pop in assorted flavours of cola, strawberry, blackcurrant and..


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