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Favour Sweets

Favour Sweets
De Bron Butter Toffees: 12-Piece Box

De Bron Butter Toffees are delicious sugar free toffees of which you just can't get enough! Fil..


De Bron Fruit Juice Toffees: 12-Piece Box

De Bron Fruit Juice Toffees containing chewy sugar free fruit toffees bursting with delicious flavou..


De Bron Mint Toffees: 12-Piece Box

De Bron Mint Toffees consisting of soft chewy sugar free toffees flavoured with refreshing peppermin..


De Bron Peppermints: 12-Piece Box

De Bron Peppermints consisting of smooth and refreshing sugar free peppermints. Each box contains..


Eichetti Chocolate Ice Cups: 200-Piece Tub

Eichetti Chocolate Ice Cups containing small, bite size cups of creamy milk chocolate that make a gr..


Fruit Salad & Black Jack Mix: 3kg Bag

Barratt's Fruit Salad & Black Jack Mix featuring two classic retro sweets in an extra large..


Gold Foiled Chocolate Balls: 500g Pack

Gold Foiled Chocolate Balls consisting of solid milk chocolate balls wrapped in gold foil - ideal fo..


Hershey's Milk Chocolate Kisses 150g

Hershey's Milk Chocolate Kisses containing individual foil wrapped pieces of Hershey's famous milk c..


Love Hearts Mini Rolls: 3kg Bag

Swizzels Matlow Love Hearts Mini Rolls are a great party candy and perfect for making up party bags ..


Silver Foiled Chocolate Balls: 500g Pack

Silver Foiled Chocolate Balls consisting of solid milk chocolate balls wrapped in shiny silver foil ..


Giant Love Hearts: 24-Piece Box

Swizzels Matlow Giant Love Hearts sweets containing fizzy fruity candies in a bulk box ideal fo..


Refreshers: 3kg Bag

Classic lemon flavoured Refresher chews by Swizzels Matlow, in a party size bag. Each bag co..


Bool's Strawberry Bon Bons: 3kg Bag

Bool's Strawberry Bon Bons containing a soft and chewy toffee centre covered in a dusted strawberry ..


Bool's Toffee Bon Bons: 3kg Bag

Bool's Toffee Bon Bons containing a soft, chewy toffee centre encased in a dusted candy shell. ..


Fox's Glacier Mints: 3kg Box

Fox's Glacier Mints have long been the standard by which all other mints are judged against - t..


Oatfield Eskimo Mints: 600-Piece Box

Oatfield Eskimo Mints in a catering box containing 600 individually wrapped mint sweets - ideal as a..


Crystal Fruits: 3kg Bag

Swizzels Matlow Crystal Fruits containing fruit flavoured hard boiled sweets in a bulk bag ideal for..


Crystal Mints: 3kg Bag

Refreshing Swizzels Matlow Crystal Mints containing mint flavoured hard boiled sweets - ideal a..


Chocolate Speckled Mini Eggs: 3kg Bag

Chocolate Speckled Mini Eggs containing milk chocolate coated in a crunchy candy shell. Great for ca..


Mint Imperials: 3kg Bag

Mint Imperials consisting of round, hard and crumbly mint sweets - ideal for candy buffets and sweet..


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