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Buy mallows at, Ireland's largest online sweet shop. Choose from a wide assortment of mallow sweets including marshmallows, foam gummies, jellies and more...

Haribo Fruity Frogs: 375-Piece Tub

Haribo Fruity Frogs consisting of foam and jelly, frog shaped sweets in a party size tub. Ea..


Haribo Jolly Joggers: 375-Piece Tub

Bulk, party-size tub of Haribo Jolly Joggers containing fruit flavoured foam and jelly sweets. Ea..


Haribo Yellow Bellies: 30-Piece Tub

Haribo Yellow Bellies containing large, fruit flavour, foam and jelly snakes in a resealable, party ..


Squashies Drumsticks: 24-Piece Box Squashies Drumsticks: 24-Piece Box

Mini packets of Drumstick Lolly flavoured Squashies. Ideal for parties and treating. Each box con..


Squashies Refreshers: 24-Piece Box Squashies Refreshers: 24-Piece Box

Mini packets of Refresher flavoured Squashies. Ideal for parties and treating.  Each box con..


Barratt Milk Teeth: 240-Piece Box

The original powdery, vanilla and strawberry flavoured Milk Teeth by Barratt. Each box contains 2..


Pigs Mugs: 120-Piece Tub

Pigs Mugs are delicious pig-faced foam and jelly sweets. Perfect for parties, movie nights or for st..


Red Band Giant Foam Dummies: 100-Piece Tub

Red Band Giant Foam Dummies containing large, chewy, foam dummies that are perfect for a baby shower..


Mini Fried Eggs: 600-Piece Tub

Mini Fried Egg jellies in a bulk size tub ideal for candy buffets, parties and for sharing. Each ..

€9.99 €14.99

Haribo Yellow Bellies: 3kg Bag

Haribo Yellow Bellies containing giant gummy jelly snakes in a large party size bag ideal for candy ..


Coconut Mushrooms: 3kg Bag

Coconut Mushrooms containing coconut shaped and flavoured jellies in a bulk bag suitable for candy b..


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